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"Mr. Kim provided us with excellent contracting services while we were building our new energy efficient home.

He approached all areas of the project with professionalism. His work is meticulous, organized, very capable and

completed in a timely manner.

He communicated with us in a very dedicated and capable way.

The scope of the work which Mr. Kim provided for us included:

Windows, custom tile work in kitchen and bathrooms,
Staining of trim, custom work for guest quarters.

We would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Kim."

Susan and Jacques Paiement  (Campbellville homeowners)

"I hated the old carpet on the second floor of our home.  I spent a lot of time cleaning, vacuuming, shampooing it, but never was satisfied... Now after Sam did our new laminate flooring, our rooms look bright, bigger, clean and expensive!  I'm extremely happy with the results.  He also completely renovated one of our bathrooms, which was out of date.  Now it is the best, most efficient and modern bathroom in the house (we have four in total).

Before starting our renovations, we did very thorough research of different businesses and filtered out most of the offers for not being reflective of our exact requirements, for overestimating the cost of labour and materials, for including services which we hadn't asked for or for being a "middle-man".  Sam provided detailed estimates, which were in-line with current construction/reno rates and offered professional advice for a better look and function.  The project started on time, finished on time and came in on budget.  The work that was done is of the highest quality, we could not find a spot that could be done better.  Sam faced a lot of hidden challenges, which were left to us by an irresponsible, inaccurate builder, but Sam came out proud of his job and the quality of the results.  

We are planning to do other renovations in our house and would be happy to have Sam back."

- Andrey Shumkin and Violetta Yakovenko (Guelph homeowners)


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